Cam-box simulator

The simulator can test all kind of unit-injector and permits to do the following tests:
– Quality of the bobbins
– It tests on test bench Elettromagnetic and Piezo unit injectors and pump injectors
– It reads and measures the “BIP” moment, if connected to optional RSP
– It tests Delphi 2 and 4 PIN
– To be used on a test bench with a mechanical cam-box (AZ0134-CB-NUDO)

– AZ0134-CB-NUDO: mechanical cam-box base to be mounted on a test bench to fix unit injectors.
The mechanical part of our cam-box (AZ0134-CB-NUDO) is universal; it can be mounted on every kind of diesel test bench. The height of our cam-box, from the base to the camme is the same of equipments BOSCH: 125 mm.
If you wish to work on test bench with different height it is necessary to by special adaptors (of our production)
– KIT of ADAPTORS for all the unit injectors on the market
– RSP – sensor to measure BIP point

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