Our company was born more than 70 years ago as precision mechanics FACTORY specialized in the engineering and prototyping of THIRD PARTY mechanical parts

Throughout the years we have developed a specific range of products for the Diesel-Automotive field.

We design and manufacture INTERNALLY diesel equipments and spare parts in addition to all equipments and tooling for Diesel test benches of all brands (Bosch, Delphi-Lucas/Hartridge, Rabotti etc.) and for all Diesel injection systems, from the traditional to the modern common rail and injection-pump ones.

Our factory has got the most advanced tooling and machinery on the market; furthermore, thanks to the high experience acquired throughout the years, we are competitive on the market and grant excellent results.

Our sales department is based, on our production, on the buy-selling of any kind of spare parts/ original tooling (Bosch, Delphi, VDO/Continental, Denso) and on other brands giving the highest attention to the price and quality of the product.

Our company ASSUMPTIONS are:

Efficiency, quality, precision, reliability, service, punctuality in the deliveries and high attention to the after-sale assistance.

Our mission: