Complete common rail simulator

The simulator can do the following most important tests on NR. 4 common rail injectors at the same time:
– Quality of the bobbins – it measures the resistance and the power of the magnete/piezo
– It can test till 4 common rail injectors Electromagnetic and Piezo at the same time
– It permits to measure the ball-lift if connected with a comparator bearing (AZ0352-CR or AAZ006-KIT)
– It produces and controls, autonomously and manually, the pressure
The most important tests are:
1. Elettric test
2. Opening test (NOP)
3. Leak test
4. Nr. 4 quality tests (VE-LL-EM-VL)
The simulator tests also common rail pumps:
– It drives pressure regulators and valves
It can be mounted on every kind of test benches. It is not necessary any particular kind of power (KW) of the test bench

The simulator is sold with a KIT RAIL (AAZ034-KIT) with rilsan pipes to mount injectors on the test bench.
– AZCBCR-RSP-RSP sensor to measure the reaction-time of the injector
– AAZ034-EX- Kit to mount the injectors on the test bench EXCLUSIVE version

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