Thanks to the experience acquired in the development of our equipments for the reparation of traditional and common rail pumps, we can revise injectors and common rail pumps of all brands at our premise (Bosch, Delphi, Denso and VDO).

Should the reparation not be convenient, we propose to our customers the best offers on the market both for new and granted revised material.

For the beginners but also for more experienced customers we also offer our software (AZ0134-3S) and Stage 3 tooling for the reparation of Bosch, Denso and VDO injectors. These software explain step by step with images, texts and automatic calculations how to proceed in the reparation of the injectors with a 99.99% efficiency of the injectors repaired following the software instructions.


We clean your DPF

We are authorized distributors of the English Company Carbon Clean Ltd., leading producers of motor and DPF cleaning machineries.

The replacement of a blocked DPF can be very expensive. The cleaning of the DPF with Carbon Clean machineries allows the removal up to 100% of the carbon residues, the soot and the ash accumulated inside the filter.

The DPF is neither opened nor cut; once it has been removed from the vehicle it is simply cleaned with suitable detergents and water for a total cleaning.

Everything is done simply and quickly.

You can purchase Carbon Clean equipment with a little investment and you will be able to clean the DPF in 30 minutes instead of sending them to other specialists therefore you will save time and money!!!

If you want to test the system efficiency you can send us your DPF for cleaning!


Please look at the wide range of Carbon-Clean products and watch the videos on the following website:

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