Glass kit for common rail simulators

Code: AAZ038-BASE
Base kit to mount nr. 1 common rail injector on test bench.

The kit permits to visualize the spray of common rail injectors. It can be mounted on every kind of test bench with every kind of simulators.

Composed of:
AAZ038-BIC7: Glass in plexiglas with bush in glass with adaptor for pulverizer of 7mm (AAZ038-AD7)
AAZ038-AD9: Adaptor x glass with pulverizer of 9mm
AAZ038-17: inner reduction in pvc of 17 for AAZ038-BIC7 – AAZ038-BIC9
AAZ038-19: inner reduction in pvc of 19 for AAZ038-BIC7 – AAZ038-BIC9
AAZ038-21: inner reduction in pvc of 21 for AAZ038-BIC7 – AAZ038-BIC9

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